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  1. Real Madrid

    Working away on lots of things again. This time it was alot of content for Real Madrid, the biggest football club in the world.  I created 6x player renders for Adidas, Real Madrid and EA to use on their social channels and websites. Some Alex Hunter player renders have ended…

  2. Team Mode

    After recently working on some content for Adidas, I was generously gifted some nice shiney boots to wear. This was a good opportunity to take shots of some beautifully designed bits of footware! These are Adidas Team Mode Predators.

  3. Cristiano Ronaldo

    So unless you live in a shoe, you probably know Ronaldo has moved clubs from Real Madrid to Juventus. This is a bit of a thing for EA because he was our cover star in a Madrid kit, obviously this now has to change.  I created this piece in two days,…

  4. Schweinsteiger

    Busy couple of weeks again since our trip to Sechelt. Only just got round to editing these, took ages as I took two cameras for a change which meant double the images. I had my regular 50mm 1.4 and a fixed 200mm 2.8 which gave me lots of different types…

  5. Sechelt

    We drove out to Sechelt two weekends ago and I took my camera with me!

  6. Champions League Reveal

    Although its only a small bit of work, I thought it was worth sharing anyway From the scene created by a the cinematic team, I created the screenshot that went onto be the thumbnail for the Champions League Reveal for FIFA19. It’s since been posted by Ronaldo himself! It could…

  7. Lake Diablo

    This weekend we travelled to Lake Diablo in Washington, stopping at Concrete on the way, easiest one of the weirdest places I’ve ever been. 

  8. Las Pinatas

    Our friend Thalia makes Pinatas, with her friend Whitney. I shot the opening night of their pop up shop! Here are the photos.

  9. Kicking with the Caps

    At the weekend, I shot at the Whitecaps vs New England Revolution game. My job was take pictures for the kids that had been chosen to be mascots for the game, kids who hold the flags, walk out with the players etc. Heres the best shots from that set! 

  10. Ironworkers Bridge

    Couple of weeks ago I took a walk along the Ironworkers Bridge from the North Van side. Heres what the view was like! 

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