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  1. Heel Choppin’

    Date 06 Aug 2017
    It’s that time of year again and work is flipping mad (in a good way). Its busy, lots of work being released/being made. I got a bit of a promotion at work so I look after a few more things than i did before, so yippie There is something big…

  2. GCS

    Date 23 Jul 2017
    GCS stands for Gameplay Content Series! This is the new set of videos I’ve been working on for FIFA18. I did every single camera within the two videos below, something Im very proud of It was a different way of working because it was shot for 9:16 as opposed to 16:9…

  3. Hunter

    Date 03 Jul 2017
    Another busy few weeks! this part of the year is still exctiing for football fans (despite the lack of football) due to the transfer rumours & new kit launches. I was lucky enough to have a piece of work as a part of this years Chelsea FC new kit launch. They have…

  4. Music Heals

    Date 23 Jun 2017
    Before the madness of EA Play set in, I had the chance to work on a video for record label that had a collaboration with a charity The record label is called Monstercat, they are based in Vancouver and are pretty flipping huge. 6 million subscribers on youtube, about 2…

  5. Switch

    Date 16 Jun 2017
    As part of the work I’ve been doing at EA, the team a part of is now in charge of producing screenshots for FIFA. The team I work with is incredibly talented, the work that has gone out of the office shows this.  I’ve completed the post production on the majority…


    Date 11 Jun 2017
    It’s done! (for now) For the past few months, we’ve been working hard towards EA Play and releasing our Gameplay trailer for FIFA 18.  I feel super close to this trailer because when i joined last year, a lot of the trailer had already been built, i just helped finish…

  7. Major News

    Date 03 Jun 2017
    Its here! I’ve been sitting on this since February since i was first asked if I’d be interested in taking photographs for a new football magazine that was being produced in my adopted home of Vancouver. its called ‘Major’ i worked with the editor, a nice chap called Spencer, to produce a set of…

  8. Lightbox

    Date 15 May 2017
    SO. its been a while. A few things have been going on that have halted blog production for a little while.  I’ll start with my most recent creation. I built a light box (mini portable infinity wall photo studio) from a cardboard box that my new football boots turned up!…

  9. Match Day

    Date 23 Apr 2017
    Last few weeks have been very busy, hence the lack of activity on here!  I’ve been shooting for the Whitecaps, first as an official partnerships photographer and also as part of a project that will be released later this year (which is hush hush for now). Some images I can share…

  10. Working Away

    Date 25 Mar 2017
    I’ve been busy!  With lots of work going on at EA and lots of projects happening in the evenings and weekends I haven’t been able to post anything on here! So I’m now a fully fledged freelance video editor for the lovely guys at So far I’ve cut two videos…

  11. In Town

    Date 04 Mar 2017
    So this weeks news is that I have a new publication to shoot for, Bandsintown. For me this is a really big deal, I’ve been using their website for a long time and really like the content they produce. So my first shoot for them was last Sunday, the day…

  12. Costume Shop

    Date 20 Feb 2017
    Another week another shoot. I was invited to come down and take some images at the beautiful BMO theatre on 1st Avenue this week for the Vancouver Arts Club I was allowed 15 mins in the Costume shop which was my favourite part to shoot as there was nice light,…

  13. Web Work

    Date 16 Feb 2017
    Recently I’ve been doing a bit of design work for a personal project that I’ve always wanted to start. I’ve shot for a lot of music magazines and in doing so have always wanted to start my own. So I’ve started this process with Pacific. Its only very very early…

  14. Connecting Flights

    Date 13 Feb 2017
    Very early morning on Thursday (4am) I touched down back in YVR after a week away in the USA. I was working with a company in the UK to shoot some customer testimonials all over the states. (Flying home turned into a bit of an adventure, ending up taking almost…

  15. Arts Club

    Date 26 Jan 2017
    Well thats almost January done! Its been a busy one I’ve been working on a few projects from web designing, motion graphics, joining new teams & volunteering. A few weeks back, I headed down to Granville Island to shoot the Vancouver Arts Club production house, where they build the sets for shows…

  16. 2016: In Summary

    Date 19 Dec 2016
    What a year Its been some year alright. Here are some stats re: 2016 Air miles: 57,000 Photographs Taken: 63,000 (Approx) Goals Scored on EA soccer field: 1 (It was a worldy though) Goals Scored at BC Place: 4 Stamps in Passport: 10 Places Visited:  San Diego, USA Havana, Cuba…

  17. Pit Stop in Detroit

    Date 09 Dec 2016
    So Im sat in Toronto Airport waiting for my connection back to Vancouver, I thought I’d upload a shot I took just outside of the Punchbowl Social in downtown Detroit. I also got this from the flight home, somewhere over Calgary.

  18. viva vancouver

    Date 05 Dec 2016
    The last few weeks have brought change! My time at EA has come to an end for now and so I’ve gone freelance! I’m heading to Detroit next week for a couple of days for a shoot and will be hitting the slopes whenever I am free In the meantime,…

  19. Oh Daughter

    Date 28 Nov 2016
    This week I had the chance to shoot Daughter as they were stopping by the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver As per normal with Daughter, they didn’t really switch the lights on. Elena, Remi & Igor are bigs fans of the back light, crowd lights, anything that doesn’t illuminate them!…

  20. The Golden Controller

    Date 27 Nov 2016
    Its been another busy couple of weeks, I’ve been out and about shooting a bit and also working on new projects In the meantime, lots of my work with EA has gone live, the one which I’m most proud of is the latest TV ad which you can see below,…

  21. An Olympus Trip

    Date 14 Nov 2016
    It’s been a while! I’m still waiting on something to go live that I can post about it!  In the meantime, this weekend we took a couple of days in Seattle just to explore. The public library & pike place brewery are two of my favourite spots.  The photos from…

  22. An Ultimate Scream

    Date 31 Oct 2016
    Its Halloween! It’s defiantly a much bigger deal here in North America than it is back home. So in the build up to the big day here, we were tasked to put together a video to show off some FIFA Ultimate Team stats upgrades some players were getting. This was…

  23. Cascadia Cup

    Date 25 Oct 2016

  24. Wider View

    Date 22 Oct 2016
    Since our move downtown, I’ve been lucky enough to shoot at the Whitecaps games that have been at BC Place and I am even luckier that the view below is on my walk home Oh, I also have some super exciting news to share soon! I’ll also have a gallery…

  25. Weather or not

    Date 15 Oct 2016
    So the weather has turned for the worse in Vancouver and so I haven’t had many chances to shoot. Here are a couple of shots taken over the Thanks giving weekend.

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