FIFA 20 Launch Assets

For the Launch of FIFA 20 this year, I created a multimedia Instagram carousel for clubs & talent to post. The idea was to utilize imagery that had been created throughout the FIFA 20 campaign, mix it with great design and add motion. 

There were 21 totally bespoke assets made, with (my estimated) reach of 222 million followers across all the accounts. Here are the looping assets that were made, not all of them but should give you an idea of the scale of the production. This was pulled off in a short amount of time because of a collaboration between Ravin Edrisi, Steve Swanborough and myself.

It was a huge amount of work to pull off in a short period of time but was very proud to see my own work across so many channels.

Here is a short video I animated to show how they worked!

Here are my some of my favorite examples of the carousels that were posted.

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