1. Arvin Very Goods

    Another shoot for Arvin Goods, this time for their Made in Japan line.

  2. Store front

    So I’m going to start selling my hand printed images on my site I hand print 8x10 images of my black and white photographs in the darkroom. Shot on Kodak 400TX using a range of cameras, these images will be printed in short runs and I’ll be updating with more…

  3. Californian Film

    Kodak Gold 200 Kodak Ektar 100

  4. Arvin Goodies

    My extremely talented friend Harry Fricker runs the creative side of a company called Arvin, I shot some part of the newest Made in Japan collection with my ones of my other extremely talented friends, Steve Swanborough. I have another set of images with Ellie that i’ll post in another…

  5. BTS Alex Morgan

    Over the past few years I’ve been able to photograph behind the scenes in the Capture Lab at EA. It’s one of the biggest motion capture studios in North America so they get all sorts of people visit. I photographed US Women’s National Soccer Team player, Alex Morgan when she…

  6. Zlatan

    Zlatan came to Vancouver so I felt this was an opportunity that I couldn’t turn down. Heres a selection of my favourite images from my evening at BC Place with Zlat.

  7. Tofino

    Last weekend we visited Tofino for the first time since we’ve been living in Vancouver. It was great trip, we saw whales, sea lions, eagles and lots of Tofino types with long blonde hair Anyway, I shot a roll of B&W film with my little Olympus (same camera I took…

  8. Studio Lights

    I’ve recently invested in some studio lights and have been testing some images with them! Here are some of them.  I’ve also been shooting lots of other things that I can’t share yet. Some things at the Capture Lab at work, some things outside of work.  Here are some shots…

  9. Canada 7s

  10. Suitcase Travel

    A good start to 2019! I’ve been published in Suitcase Travel magazine’s photo journal section. They’ve published the images I made on our trip to Hong Kong. I had to write a small story which you can read on the link below.

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