1. Friend of the People

    Our hugely talent friend Harry Fricker runs an apparel company that supply the world with environmentally friendly basics, his company is called Arvin. For Christmas Harry gave me one of Arvin’s new Lloyd Beanies, which is sweeeet. I took some pictures of Ellie wearing it (she’s a much better model…

  2. New Year New York

    We have just returned to Vancouver after spending two weeks(ish) in New York. I shot 6 rolls of film, the most I’ve ever shot in one go! We did all sorts of things, so there isn’t really a common theme through the images apart from the location. One of the…

  3. Printing

    Further progress in the darkroom. I found out my camera exposes from right to left, making it very difficult to print well exposed images. Brilliant Last week I played with the contrast filters & exposure time to get different looking prints. Check out the results below. You’ll spot my scrawley…

  4. 4th Jerseys

    The past few weeks/months have kept me very busy day to day as I was working very closely on the EA Sports | Adidas 4th Jerseys. These were being made for Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Juventus and Real Madrid, arguably the biggest football clubs in the world.  I helped to…

  5. Class

    I’ve been spending my Saturday mornings in a darkroom, developing & printing my own images. Heres my first test strip, test print and print! None are final, I want to edit the print lots before it gets to final.

  6. Film Scans

    Have been shooting film for years, only just bought a scanner, heres are some of my favourites.

  7. Alphonso Davies

    In his last game for the Vancouver Whitecaps before he moves to his new club Bayern Munich, I photographed Fonsie for the last time.

  8. Hong Kong

  9. Demo

    Over the past few months and weeks, I’ve been working hard on a video that went out yesterday to promote the release of the FIFA 19 demo. I worked with the video editor to come up with the concept, the transitions, the visuals and then worked with the creative producer…

  10. Skookum

    I’d been eyeing this festival up for months! Working on trying to get a press pass took a while but I got one! The line up was pretty good considering it was in Vancouver and didn’t cost the earth to go to. The main people I was looking forward to…

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