1. Pause

    14 Sep 2021
    Stopping the blog for a while.

  2. Wilderness

    09 Aug 2021
    This weekend I got to get back to something I really love, shooting festivals. I shot Wilderness in Oxfordshire and it was easily one of the most beautiful festivals I’ve been to.

  3. 22 Reveal

    26 Jul 2021
    Another cycle of FIFA and I’m just going to post the Reveal trailer that I helped on the creative.

  4. Been a while

    26 Jul 2021
    Honesty check Haven’t been very well recently so work has slow downed a little but have been trying to stay creative where I can. Here are some renders I’ve been working on when I’ve been feeling a little better. Modelled everything here and also altered all the shaders to make…

  5. Computer

    25 Jun 2021
    Productive day on Blender. Made an old style computer!

  6. Nice

    25 Jun 2021
    Modelled this animated piece of text from scratch! Nice!

  7. Modelling Blocks

    14 May 2021
    After being inspiried by an image I saw online of a Japanese house, I decided to model and light my own 3D scene. I rendered a night time and day time version. I’ve included the grey scale version for reference! Very proud of this as its my first full 3D…

  8. Library

    04 May 2021
    Out on a bike ride recently and I came across this building which I thought was super cool so decided to make it in 3D. An alternative 3D world.

  9. Tooting Bec Market

    04 May 2021

  10. Dungeness

    03 May 2021
    Visited Dungeness on Sunday, took some snaps.

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