Recent Work

  1. Pro Player Tournaments

    Back at the start of November, I spent a week in the UK working with Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool FC and Manchester City. I creatively lead the first ever FIFA 20 Pro Player Volta Tournaments. The set up was meant to look visually different to the regular FIFA 20 pro player…

  2. More Madrid

    One of our biggest partnerships at EA with Real Madrid, arguably the biggest football club on earth. I was able to help direct this spot for the announce of the 4th kit. I selected and help cut the music, created the frostbite cinematic scenes within the piece and also created…

  3. Dave

    This weekend I was able to photograph one of my current favourite artists, I use artist in its broadest sense. Musician, actor & producer, Dave is the winner of the 2019 Mercury Music Prize and also starred in Topboy, a Netflix series with backing from Drake. He came to Vancouver…

  4. Chinatown Print

    I’ve been back to the darkroom! Last week I printed some images I took with some Kodak 400TX shot in Chinatown in Vancouver. There are a couple of images that didn’t work very well and a couple I tried difference sized prints. You can see my work in progress.

  5. Sci fi Lamp

    It was a holiday here in Canada today, so I put my efforts towards Blender and 3D design. Here are a few of the images I output from Blender this afternoon. I created a couple of split spheres and a split sphere lamp!

  6. Road to the Final

    Just before I left to attend the club shoots in England, I was tasked with creating a short highlights package of the 18/19 champions league season using archive footage. I creativity led the project, selecting the imagery, the track, the structure.  I think its a pretty cool little video, here…

  7. Club Shoots

    Have spent the last few days in the UK shooting with some big clubs. Here are some BTS images I’ve shot whilst on set as the Creative from EA.

  8. LA

    Visited LA for a few days and took a camera (or three). These are the images from my digital one, film to follow soon.

  9. Blender

    Since the launch of FIFA,  I’ve been putting my efforts towards learning a new bit of software, Blender.  Blender is a 3D design program that allows you to create, well, anything you want. I followed a tutorial on how to make a donut, because donuts. The image at the top…

  10. FIFA 20 Launch Assets

    For the Launch of FIFA 20 this year, I created a multimedia Instagram carousel for clubs & talent to post. The idea was to utilize imagery that had been created throughout the FIFA 20 campaign, mix it with great design and add motion.  There were 21 totally bespoke assets made,…

  11. Montreal with Real

    Back in July, I was sent on a shoot with Real Madrid to help direct the stills photography as part of the FIFA Ratings campaign, here are some of the stills BTS that I snapped!  I also made a graphic from one of the shots of Raphael Varane! Here it…

  12. Volta BTS

    Back in February, I was given the opportunity to shoot some behind the scenes imagery on the mocap sessions with two amazing freestyle footballers, Melody Douchet and Jayzhino. Here are some of the images!

  13. Lisa Freestyle

    My image of Lisa Freestyle was used on a custom FIFA 20 cover and AAA gift box that she received for being a part of our campaign. Here is it and a short video of it in her house!

  14. Houston Dynamo

    This weekend, I shot for Houston Dynamo as part of their On the Road project. Here are some of my favourite images!

  15. BTS Hazard

    Here are some of the BTS images i took whilst on the Hazard shoot with EA in Madrid Recently. I also put together a graphic slider created for instagram which you can see below too!

  16. Zidane

    A couple of weeks ago I was tasked with coming up with a simple creative for a Zidane reveal video. This is extremely short turn around for a video, we effectively had about 9 days to create, edit, get it approved and ship it. Working with Steven Swanborough our crazy…

  17. Madrid

    On Sunday (My Birthday) I was flown to Madrid to help direct the video section of a shoot with a high profile football player. It was pretty short notice, but was a great adventure nonetheless. I took some BTS stills of the shoot with my big camera and the rest…

  18. Martinez

    At the weekend, I created a small graphic for Martinez who plays for Atlanta United. Here it is! I used photoshop to cut out the photo and the create the graphic design that surround him. Made for 9:16.

  19. Creative Lead

    My role at EA has changed! I’m now an Associate creative which means I’m given projects to lead the creative process on. This is everything from scripting, copy, structure, music choice, strategy on how the asset should be deployed, and then everything else involved in making a video I was…

  20. Studio Socks

    More socks, but this time in studio form using my new studio lights.

  21. EA Play

    Whilst at EA Play, I took some shots of the freestylers & football teams that were taking to the Volta court Lisa Freestyle was very nice as was Andrew Henderson, probably the two best freestyle footballers in the world right now! Here are my images from the Saturday at EA…

  22. Volta

    The past few weeks have been extremely intense with the release of FIFA 20 at EA play and the launch of Volta I was able to name the new mode, Volta, which means to return in Portuguese.  For this reveal video, I created the lots of the gameplay shots…

  23. Colour Filters

    I borrowed some colour gels from work and popped them on my strobe lights!  Here are some of the pictures from my test.

  24. Atlanta United

    On Wednesday I was asked to work for Atlanta United as a photographer, covering pre, post and in-game action. Working with their digital team, I shot at BC Place as the the Whitecaps took on Atlanta. I forgot Frank de Boer is the coach of Atlanta so when he hopped…

  25. Arvin Very Goods

    Another shoot for Arvin Goods, this time for their Made in Japan line.

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