Recent Work

  1. Air

    20 May 2020
    More time, more Blender. This time I tried to make some product shots for Nike using a 3D shoe that a I grabbed online and then made it a collision object so that the plastic could fold over it and obscure it.

  2. Distort

    04 May 2020
    In the next evolution of work with Blender, I wanted to incorporate 2D images into a 3D space, having the 3D element effect the photograph. Here is my first experimentation with that process using a Kylian Mbappe still from our FIFA club shoots last year.  Little Update on this one,…

  3. Particles

    02 May 2020
    Lockdown continues, as does Blender! Taught myself how to create particle systems. Here are two pieces I made for Eleanor’s birthday. I modeled everything in the scenes. Created custom confetti and added depth of field to the camera I also went for a walk around last week to photograph some…

  4. Cloth Animation

    14 Apr 2020
    This week I wanted to learn how to create cloth animations, so I did. I rendered out a short test that also included pinning technique which is where I can stick a corner of an object so that it doesn’t fly away and causes the cloth to act as if…

  5. Western

    11 Apr 2020
    More distancing work. I drove 400kms to a place called Spence’s bridge and then followed the road for another 600kms all the way back to Vancouver, stopping along the way to shoot with my drone. It was a beautiful drive, I was inspired to make a Western style trailer. We…

  6. Ribbons

    09 Apr 2020
    More 3D work, this time I created a glass ribbon and put it on a plinth. All objects created in Blender.

  7. Soft Body Animation

    05 Apr 2020
    So with quarantine going on, I’ve learnt to animate within blender, creating soft body objects that interact with other things, here are a couple of examples I’ve created recently!

  8. Mavic Mini

    30 Mar 2020
    Last week I invested in a lightweight drone that I’ll be able to take with me out and about and shoot. Heres my first little film I made with the drone.

  9. Food Balloons

    27 Mar 2020
    Since I have my EA PC at home, I’m using its horsepower to create a 3D render every day. Today, I created a piece of art I’m calling ‘Food Balloons’. I modelled the balloons and strings and the background, then added the textures. Its a 4k render again!

  10. Gravity

    25 Mar 2020
    Since we are stuck inside, I decided to dip back into Blender and make a 3D image today. Its supposed to represent being stuck in quarantine. Made totally from scratch, I lit and built the scene and then rendered it out at 4K, using Blender’s denosing plug in.

  11. Sunshine Coast

    16 Mar 2020
    Since we are supposed to be away from other people, we’ve moved to the sunshine coast for a few days! Nobody here apart Ellie and Elvis (the cat). I brought my camera, snapped a couple shots so far.

  12. Copa Libertadores

    04 Mar 2020
    I was the creative lead on the latest FIFA 20 gameplay trailer. I selected the music, designed the structure, designed the club versions and helped choose the selects of the real world footage.  Working with Al de Zilva as the editor, Natasha Sheperd was the producer and the FIFA capture…

  13. Rain City

    02 Mar 2020
    This weekend marked the start of the MLS season, so I busted out my new Reto camera and shot the march to the match with the Rain City Brigade, Southsiders and Curva Collective..  Shot on 35mm film and edited in after effects, I wanted to capture emotion, sweet lighting and…

  14. Hazard

    29 Feb 2020
    Last year I travelled to Madrid to shoot with Eden Hazard. I directed the BTS footage and shot still imagery. Here are my BTS shots.

  15. Frontera

    03 Feb 2020
    On Thursday I shot again fro the Push Festival, at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. I was tasked with capturing the atmosphere (as well as shooting a couple of the red carpet shots). Here are my favourite images.

  16. Year of the Rat

    28 Jan 2020
    On Sunday I ventured out with Ellie to enjoy the Chinese New Year celebrations in Vancouver. I shot the event with my new camera. It has 3 lenses and gives you a 3D effect which i really like. Planning to use this throughout the year on FIFA shoots where possible…

  17. PuSh

    28 Jan 2020
    This weekend, I volunteered with the PuSh festival in Vancouver. There was a screening of a film that starred this commuunity followed by a performance that turned the event space into a space geared towards deaf people. The guy on stage was wearing a piece of equipment that translated his…

  18. AR

    18 Jan 2020
    Working on building up new skills, developing my AR skills using target tracking & FBX files. Shoe & logo triggers by in-game screenshot!

  19. TOTY

    13 Jan 2020
    Just before christmas I was tasked with coming up with a simple creative idea to tease the launch of the final EA Sports FIFA Team of the Year announcement. We didn’t have long to turn this around and get it approved so needed to be simple enough to create, distribute…

  20. Filters

    04 Jan 2020
    New year, New skills. I’ve taught myself to create instagram filters! Using a piece of software called Spark AR Studio which is created by Facebook (the owners of Instagram), I’ve created two filters so far. The first one I created was a Star Wars inspired one after I watched the…

  21. 3200 2020

    02 Jan 2020
    Happy new year! A few weeks ago I shot a roll a film as part of my chinatown store series. it was a Delta 3200 BW film, which means the camera could see much darker scenes. I’ll be hoping to put on my first ever exhibition this year, maybe this…

  22. Pro Player Tournaments

    04 Dec 2019
    Back at the start of November, I spent a week in the UK working with Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool FC and Manchester City. I creatively lead the first ever FIFA 20 Pro Player Volta Tournaments. The set up was meant to look visually different to the regular FIFA 20 pro player…

  23. More Madrid

    02 Dec 2019
    One of our biggest partnerships at EA with Real Madrid, arguably the biggest football club on earth. I was able to help direct this spot for the announce of the 4th kit. I selected and help cut the music, created the frostbite cinematic scenes within the piece and also created…

  24. Dave

    25 Nov 2019
    This weekend I was able to photograph one of my current favourite artists, I use artist in its broadest sense. Musician, actor & producer, Dave is the winner of the 2019 Mercury Music Prize and also starred in Topboy, a Netflix series with backing from Drake. He came to Vancouver…

  25. Chinatown Print

    25 Nov 2019
    I’ve been back to the darkroom! Last week I printed some images I took with some Kodak 400TX shot in Chinatown in Vancouver. There are a couple of images that didn’t work very well and a couple I tried difference sized prints. You can see my work in progress.

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